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  1.  Each Highlighting fields helps you locate information in a different way.
  2.  The home page is called as a dashboard.
Sales on last 30 days:
  1. It is used to store a last 30 days marketing information.
  2. The company what they sales in last 30 days just save in the software that shows in your home page it means sales on 30 days.
  1. This option expense it is nothing but a purchase handle.
  2. What their expense that shows in expense account.
Out of Stock:
  1. When an inventory stock that of a particular SKU counts to zero is called out of stock.
Minimum stock:
  1. Finally collect a minimum stock details how much you sale and how much you store in a product that include when you purchase a product in outside it depends on the minimum stock requirement.
  1. Receivable is a previous outstanding by a particular customer.
  1. It is your outstanding view that means how much you pay into another customer.

Total hot leads:
  1. This shows the pending work status.
  2. Store the important works that must finished in a particular time period so this shows your important work alert.
Total hot lead value:
  1. The company important work schedule total value to a particular person.
  2. Product and that's value shows.
Total pending tickets to be resolved:
  1. The pending tickets resolved means the pending works are completed.
GST amount to be filled for current month:
  1. The company GST amount how much you will be paid to current month.
Today's sales:
  1. The total sales value stored and shows in the dashboard.
Today's purchase:
  1. The total purchase value stored.

  1. The black arrow-mark define a total outstanding value in our company.
  2. Your current outstanding always shows payable and receivable amount.
  3. Payable amount value view in a negative manner and receivable value view in the positive manner.

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