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Getting started with CloudZoo Erp software
     In this section, we are going to successively learn how to use the basic functionalities of the CloudZoo Erp  software, to surf in the menu and forms.

Login window
   At first login window will be open as soon as you click on  the software icon.Enter your  company profile, username and password.
Home Page
1)In this home page you can see all the menus on the left side, dashboard in the middle.
2)In this dash board you can see the total sales rupees of last 30 days,total purchase rupees of last 30 days, list of products which are all in minimum stock and out of stock, total outstanding(also payable and receivable separately).

1.Search - Can search all transaction here
2.Settings - Privilege for Admin
3.Notification - Notification from CloudZoo

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